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Cancellation and Refunds Policy @ IndiaClan

Refund Policy IndiaClan

Cancellation & Refund

  1.  Any financial transaction made on IndiaClan platform (which constitute of IndiaClan website- or IndiaClan app (downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store)shall be deemed final and no cancellations would be allowed thereafter under any circumstances. 

  2. IndiaClan or its sellers (financial influencers using the IndiaClan platform to sell financial educational content) would not be liable to refund any amount for any transaction collected through its platform for the sale of any service. 

  3. IndiaClan is simply a technology company facilitating transactions between the buyer (platform user) and the seller (financial influencers using the IndiaClan platform to sell financial educational content). In case of defaults on the delivery of any services offered by the seller or a matter of spurious service, IndiaClan will not be liable and the entire liability would rest solely with the seller of the services.

  4. However, IndiaClan tries its best to ensure highest quality standards and timely delivery with regards to all services provided through its platform. IndiaClan would also try to establish channels of communication if there is ever a dispute between the buyer and seller to settle the matter. Please get in touch with in case of any dispute. 

  5. The final authority with regards to any refunds shall solely rest with IndiaClan.

Termination of Service

  1. IndiaClan reserves the right to immediately terminate, suspend, limit, or restrict user accounts or use of it's Services at any time, without any notice or liability, if IndiaClan determines in its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever (including but not limited to reasons like user has breached IndiaClan's Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, violated any law, rule, or regulation, engaged in any inappropriate conduct, provided false or inaccurate information).

  2. Users hereby agree and consent to the above and agree and acknowledge that IndiaClan can, at its sole discretion, exercise its right in relation to any or all of the above, and that IndiaClan, its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, principals or licensors shall not be liable in any manner for the same; and users hereby agree, acknowledge and consent to the same. Users hereby also agree that IndiaClan shall not refund any amounts that they may have paid to access and/or use the services on the IndiaClan platform.

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