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Existing Subscribers of One Pass can claim their refund till 15th Sep

Our journey at IndiaClan is coming to an end. We really tried on our mission to help Indians get better at Personal Finance especially Investing in the capital markets. But unfortunately we have hit a roadblock. Our business wasn't growing as expected and we faced multiple challenges to keep this going. Unfortunately, we have decided to shut down our services on the app. Existing subscribers of OnePass can claim their refund through a short process till 15th Sep 12:30 AM. Any requests post that date wont be entertained. 

Steps to Claim Refund:

Step 1: Go to the my order section in the IndiaClan app and get your ORDER ID. Get the TRANSACTION DATE, TRANSACTION AMOUNT as well from the app. 

Step 2: Write an email to and mention your Name, Registered Mobile Number on IndiaClan, ORDER ID, TRANSACTION DATE, TRANSACTION AMOUNT.

Step 3: You will receive your pro-rata refund through a payment link on your registered mobile number maximum by October 31st 2023. 

Please do not delay sending the mail beyond 14th Sep 2023. Any mails received post that will not be refunded at all. 

What is pro-rata refund?

Assume that you purchased a 1 year subscription worth INR 1000 and have already used 6 months of the subscription plan, you will get a refund of INR 500. This is calculated on the basis of the time that you have already availed the service. The pending balance will be refunded back to you. 

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